The Band

Vocals – Garry Pease

The band is fronted by full-time Rod Stewart tribute artist Garry Pease. Garry is a celebrity in his own right within Rod Stewart circles and plays hundreds of shows every year around the UK and beyond. Originally a skilled machinist, the life-long Rod fan discovered his talent after being invited up on stage at a social club. He went down so well that people suggested he tried doing it for a living and he has never looked back. Garry’s success is helped by the fact that he not only sounds like Rod Stewart, he looks and dresses like him too!

Guitars – Gaz Morris

Providing the yin to Garry’s yang is the legendary Gaz Morris, the guitarists guitarist. Gaz has played in pretty much every band in Birmingham and has the raw, rock n roll attitude of Ronnie Wood, backed up with a tone on the guitar that can make grown adults weep into their beer. In a rare twist of fate, Gaz also looks remarkably like his idol – so much so that when Garry and Gaz are together you could be forgiven for thinking you were watching the real Faces.

Bass – Danny Pease

Whilst the front-men are vital in any band, the rhythm section are the unsung heroes. Providing the rumble is bass-man Danny Pease. Danny is an experienced musician who has toured internationally with big name bands, but he is never happier than when he’s up on stage with his musical family…. More than that, it’s his actual family – dad Garry is holding the mic and mum Karen manages the band.

Keyboards – Joe Basketts

Keyboard duties are handled by classically trained pianist Joe Basketts, also a very experienced touring musician although you’d never believe it from his youthful looks. Joe reproduces the tinkling rock n roll piano and the classic 70’s keyboard sounds, all from his big red organ.

Drums – Ray Richman

Holding it all together is Ray ‘Corona’ Richman – a drumming legend in our lifetime. There’s probably not much that needs to be said about Ray, as nearly everyone on the planet knows him. However, for those that don’t, Ray is a drummer of inimitable energy, clockwork precision and mysterious charisma. He is also a man of many travel dramas…. But we’ll let him tell you about those at the bar.